Data Farmers podcast

We recently recorded a podcast for the farmer and data foundation. Below is the article with the link to the podcast. If you click on the orange play button, the podcast will start automatically (in Dutch).

December 17th 2020

PODCAST | Data farmers: poultry and dairy farmer Robert Nijkamp
In the second episode of Data farmers you will hear a conversation with Robert Nijkamp, ​​poultry and dairy farmer from Raalte (O.). Nijkamp stores his data on a so-called flight recorder at his company. This gives him access to his data even without an internet connection.
Yet, according to Nijkamp, ​​there are also advantages of storing the data externally. “If you want to compare your data with colleagues, it makes sense to put the data in the cloud,” says Nijkamp. The poultry and dairy farmer also expects to be able to earn money with his data in the future.
Listen to the second episode of “Data Farmers” below:

Data farmers is a four-part podcast series and is produced by Mechaman in collaboration with the Boer & Data foundation. In this series you hear farmers who have been collecting and using data for a long time. What can you do with the data? Where do you store it? And what are the benefits?