Heat from the sun…

We started in May 2017 with the construction of a sustainable heat storage installation. In doing so, we not only use solar heat to heat up the floor in the chicken house and in our own house, but we also use the heat released during the cooling of the milk in this innovative heat storage system. The Ecensy company has designed the system and is now fully engaged in the installation of the various components.

The total system consists of a large water solar collector surface with heat pump, a insulated hot water storage tank of 50,000 liters, a closed source system for bottom heat storage, a refrigerant storage tank of 300 liters for cooling the milk and a heat pump. In addition, there is a storage tank of 1000 liters with hot water in the cow house and at the house. A new milk tank has also been purchased so that it fits seamlessly into the system.

The total system is operating by 15 February 2018. At the end of summer 2017, the milk cooling with heat pump, closed source and residential heating was put into operation. In addition to the gas reduction that has already been measured at the home last winter, we hope that with the linking of the heat pump with solar collectors (where water is heated up), on the roof of the poultry house, to the already operating system, an even more substantial reduction to achieve our gas consumption.

Below is a photo album with an overview of the progress of the total installation.

  • Een viertal bronnen wordt geboord voor warmte opslag in de bodem
  • Witte vat is warmwater opslag, het blauwe de koude opslag (2°C) en in het midden de warmtepomp
  • Het plaatsen van de warmte opslagtank van 50.000 liter
  • De nieuwe melktank, waarmee de vrijkomende warmte van de melk gebruikt wordt om water op te warmen, is geplaatst
  • De opslagtank van 50000 liter is geisoleerd en van een strakke beplating voorzien
  • Rechtsonder op de foto de zonnecollectoren waar het water dorheen wordt gepompt
  • Temperatuur overzicht van de installatie
  • Proces overzicht in schema